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I'd like to be called PAU or a rather cute nickname like PAUPAU. Been living in my world since 090290, that make's me 18. A Septemberian and a retro-baby. A nurse-to be from Far Eastern University. 3 major ♥s would be: PHOTOGRAPHY, MUSIC and LIFE. I'd like to think of myself as a world dominator wannabe, but doesn't everybody else think like that? MOAR rawr.


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    MESSY KIDS. Header made by me using Photoshop CS3. Fonts from dafont. Pictures taken by me. Code was based on Plasticheart's Great Escape skin. I got the smilies from Aneesha and the icons from Famfamfam.
    July 25, 2010
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    June 3, 2009
    I have to update this piece o' obligation, I need to do a lot of updating. I think this is considered cramming? I dunno. God, I cleared my tagbox of spam post about money-shit and other crap. I guess a lot of people already deleted me from their bloglist or something.

    I badly want to get my life back. I died and resurrected, but I woke up in the online-gaming world, and now I can't even get myself out of there. I'm not regretting it, I just wished I knew how to balance things. I'm bound by the wonderful people I met there, the forum and the game itself. The game is effing addicting, and I forgot the real world. It was the first time I actually missed getting headaches from the blaring heat, doing nothing because I'm stuck at home and thinking I'm the lamest person ever 'cause I don't have a social life.

    I just sneaked in and took a peek of the real world again last week. I think I never saw the daylight until our trip to Vigan. 3 days away from my laptop made me realize I've missed a lot of things during my summer break. Remember my post about "how I want to spend my summer break"? Well just to refresh you:
    Explore Binondo, Quiapo and other legendary spots in Manila on my own. It doesn't matter if I get lost as long as I know the right way. Quite confusing right?
    TRAVEL to the regions of the Philippines and witness the sunset and the sunrise in wonderful landscapes.
    SHOOT alone, with friends, with groups, with anyone. As long as I could do and enjoy what I love.
    I bought this 200peso notebook with blank white pages without knowing what I could use it for. I hope to fill it up with memories, quotes, doodles and pictures.
    Master the art of DOODLING. I suck at drawing, this could do.
    I'm ashamed of myself I haven't even done a single thing out of that list. And now it's already June, too late I guess.

    Hope everyone had a great summer though. Post those pictures!

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    May 22, 2009
    Sorry for the lack of updates. :mouthshut:

    I'm a bit busy and I have to sort some RL things at the moment. *sigh* Hope to see you all soon.


    Oh Hey There, April!
    April 2, 2009
    So I've been gone from the blogosphere for about 2 weeks max. Not much happened since I shunted myself from the real-world these past 2 weeks, thank you Pet Society and your addicting game and items. Again, nothing much happened but still things have happened and my life has taken quite an unexpected turn. Not 360 degrees, more of like 45 or something.

    From March 23 - 27, I spent the week at La Union. My mom dragged me there to let me at least experience my so-called "pre-summer classes break". I hate long bus trips, shoot. I hate stiff seats at buses, shoot. I hate Partas' economy buses, period. Anyhoo, at least I got to see the sun there, eat real human food, got to the beach, practiced photography, and visited 3 towns in Region 1 in 1 day. I kind of love my mom's job. Well not the job itself but I love the fact that she's assigned to different places almost 2 times a year. Plus the team buildings, seminar, etc., etc. She's almost visited all the places in the Philippines! That's a life-long goal for me, which in my mom's case is almost complete. And just to partake in the journey she's having with all these trips, I make sure she buys me keychains from all of these places. So I think it's okay to say I have a hefty collection of keychains here from all over the Philippines.

    Don't you love Starbucks' Caramel Mocchiato? I do, and I usually die and ressurect and then die again when having a cup of this. It's a common coffee drink among Starbucks lovers, but it will always be my all-time favorite when it comes to hot drinks. And oh, do try drinking it after heavy meals, OHGOD! It's heavenly.

    I have megabytes and megabytes of pictures stored on my memory card from the La Union trip plus some never before seen "shoots" from my last trip to Bicol. Will try to upload them when inspiration calls me and when I learn some new post-processing techs.


    I'm too lazy to make another layout for the blog. I'm in desperate need for inspiration again.

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